Press Clipping
The Compounding Effect of Relationships Within Your Industry with Tanvi Patel

In this episode, we talk about how Tanvi broke free from the expectations that her family had placed on her and focused on what made her the happiest.

How she grew her business beyond the million dollar mark annually.

The things that she focused on that made a big difference.

How she’s used the compounding effect of relationships to help her grow her business.

The difference between the grind and the hustle.

The importance of trust.

And lots more.
In This Episode:

Breaking out of her family’s expectations
Learning the creative skill set
Developing your skill set
Finding the proper service/offer for your business
Success through failure of the initial plans
Niching down
Getting beyond the Million dollar mark
Diversifying after that initial niching down
Her focus on __________ has made a huge difference
Protecting against the competition
Using relationships to grow
The compounding effect of great relationships within your industry
Landing gigantic clients from some of the biggest films and TV like Gravity, Simpsons, etc.
The turning points in business
Mining the Market