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CrucialMusic Launches CrucialCustom Platform

Established "music house" CRUCIALMUSIC has launched the online platform CRUCIALCUSTOM, which will allow advertising agencies to quickly and effectively solicit thousands of composers to create original, indie music for their sync needs. They've created a space where together ad pros and composers can create custom tracks for pre-existing images, on one platform that facilitates collaboration, communication between parties, and licensing agreements.

“The general trend in advertising, across media and platforms, is that advertisers want to discover something new and fresh, a fresh take on old idea or the latest band and sounds, something hard to duplicate,” CRUCIALMUSIC CEO TANVI PATEL said. “There is still space for pre-composed tracks offered by music libraries, but there’s a growing demand for independent, novel, intriguing music.”

With CRUCIALCUSTOM, music supervisors or other project managers create a profile for their project on the site explaining the specs, turnaround time, and other details required. If available, clients can upload a video of their ad or project and receive made-to-order soundtracks from CRUCIAL’s stable of vetted international artists and composers, who can respond in a matter of hours thanks to huge strides forward in home recording technology.

“The technology has allowed people to monetize their creativity in ways unimaginable 15 years ago,” CRUCIALMUSIC founder TANVI PATEL said. “For indie artists who make a living from their music, they can create all the time, they don’t have to book an outside studio. For musicians who balance multiple professions, it’s equally empowering. They come home, they write a song, upload it to a distributor, and bam! Access to the market has really exploded, and it makes CRUCIALCUSTOM the channel for this exploration.”