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CrucialCustom CEO: Asian music artistes wanted for US films and TV

In the US, as more and more films and TV shows diversify in screen talent and themes, there is a greater need for K-pop and J-pop background music in the restaurant and bar scenes of these shows. This is according Tanvi Patel, the founder and CEO of CrucialCustom.
For example, the entire premise for Amazon’s “The Man in the High Castle” is that the Japanese and Germans won World War 2, so in the alternate reality, the popular music of the 50s is either Japanese or German.
Alternatively, in the current season of “Girls” (Season 5), one of the girls, Shoshanna, spends most of the season in Japan, taking in the sights and sounds of fast paced Tokyo.
Unfortunately, as the demand grows, easy-to-clear Asian artists are in short supply. Said Tanvi Patel, “Although, platforms such as Crucial Music have a handful of Asian artistes, it’s not enough to fill the need, especially when something custom needs to be written.”
Artists across the Pacific can tap into those licensing opportunities without leaving their studio with a computer and internet line.