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The world is full of great music. More people are cranking out more music of higher quality than ever before. Some catalogs have millions of cuts. But if you’re an artist, do you really want to be a needle in a haystack? And if you’re a supervisor, do you really ...

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Samantha Brickler
(812) 339-1195

CrucialCustom Lets Advertisers Design Soundtracks—Not Just Ads

"Disruption in music is not about doing something better and bigger than everyone else, it’s about doing something better and smaller,” wrote Bas Grasmeyer in a February post on MUSIC X TECH X FUTURE. TechCrunch’s Mary Meeker likewise affirmed, in a 2015 trends report, that success in music tech comes from designing platforms “to let you do things differently, not just faster.” That’s the goal of a new, simple-to-use platform delivering custom music specifically for advertisements. CrucialCustom doesn’t try to be all things to all music buyers and sellers.

And Grasmeyer wrote, “In the online music market, we generally see people competing for bulk behaviors, not specific behaviors. Spotify is a good product, but it’s not amazing for any particular use.” This is why experienced music supervisors designed CrucialCustom to be amazing for one particular use: finding and crafting the most fitting music for sync.

Digital advertising has changed how music works in ads and how advertisers work on music. CrucialCustom co-founder Jim Long explains, “In today’s pricing market, advertisers have less financial leeway, but they have a lot of technological savvy. Ads move quickly and involve lots of editing, and advertisers want to tie the images to something unique— something made just for the occasion.” The company understands and embraces its niche, which means providing advanced expertise and smooth execution.

CrucialCustom hits the sweet spot between tech and the human touch to supply fresh music to exact specs. Project managers can use the website to upload video of a spot and create a profile with licensing terms, deadline, budget, and other details. Then CrucialCustom finds the right artists to fill the bill, and the artists provide demos synched to picture.

This means more than just culling music from a pre-existing library. It puts ad designers in the middle of the creative process, collaborating on soundtracks with skilled songwriters. Co-founder and CEO Tanvi Patel, a 20-year veteran in commercial music, and her team vet proposed tunes to make sure they meet high standards. Next, CrucialCustom facilitates the advertiser-artist relationship to sharpen tracks and choose a winner. The client then downloads the song with its executed license.

Patel’s proven track record and her focus on indie offerings brought client Malia Hall of Mothlight to CrucialCustom. Hall said, “After doing some research, we found there weren’t that many options for the sound we were looking for. That’s how we got involved in the custom world.” CrucialCustom’s platform got her what she asked for within 24 hours for an Old Navy Christmas commercial.

The demand for independent, inventive music is growing, as imaginative project managers refuse to settle for “close enough.” And CrucialCustom empowers them to bring their ideas to life, affordably and on time.

About CrucialCustom:

CrucialCustom finds, creates, and licenses budget-friendly custom music for internet advertisements. Advertisers choose licensing terms, provide project specifications, and upload videos needing music. CrucialCustom’s experienced music aficionados search a global pool of premium talent to match projects with songwriters, who upload original demos synched to picture. Video creators choose tracks they love, then work directly with songwriters to tailor music till it fits just right.  Buyers pay reasonable rates and swiftly download finished music along with instantaneously executed licenses. CrucialCustom’s exceptional curation and personalized service generate the perfect sound for every spot.